BJCP Style 5A - German Leichtbier


session-strength pale-color bottom-fermented lagered central-europe traditional-style pale-lager-family bitter hoppy 


Low to medium hop aroma, with a spicy, herbal, or floral character. Low to medium-low grainy-sweet or slightly crackery malt aroma. Clean fermentation profile.


Straw to pale gold in color. Brilliant clarity. Moderate white head with average to below average persistence.


Low to medium grainy-sweet malt flavor initially. Medium hop bitterness. Low to medium hop flavor, with a spicy, herbal, or floral quality. Clean fermentation character, well-lagered. Dry finish with a light malty and hoppy aftertaste.


Light to very light body. Medium to high carbonation. Smooth, well-attenuated.


A pale, highly-attenuated, light-bodied German lager with lower alcohol and calories than normal-strength beers. Moderately bitter with noticeable malt and hop flavors, the beer is still interesting to drink.