2015 is here! I like to create goals so that I have something to work towards. For 2015, I'm going to declare some Brew Year's resolutions:

  • Water Chemistry: I'd like to learn more about how water chemistry affects my brewing. I'm going to start by reading Water from the Brewing Elements series
  • e-HERMS: Complete my e-HERMS build
  • Brew a high gravity ale (OG at least 1.100). To date, my highest OG has been 1.090.
  • Brew a lager. The idea of brewing a lager intimidates me for some unknown reason.
  • Dial in my pale ale recipe. I've brewed it twice, adjusting the recipe each time. Both versions have received honors in BJCP sanctioned competitions. I really want to dial in this recipe and bring home a first place ribbon.