I like to whirlpool my wort to help drop the solids out of suspension into a nice cone in the center of the kettle. I used to simply clamp a piece of 1/2" ID silicone hose and do my best to position it so that I could get a nice whirlpool going, but I wanted something better. My kettle has a 1/2" NPT port for a thermometer that I don't use, so I considered rigging something though that port, but I didn't like that idea. Instead, I wanted to add a whirlpool arm that I could somehow clamp to the side of the kettle.

I really didn't know what to do until someone posted a picture in a Facebook group of their setup. They were using a beam clamp and some stainless tubing and it was exactly what I wanted.

The Finished Product:

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Parts List:

When I ordered the racking cane, I specified this for the extra bend:

I'd like a 90 degree bend at the bottom of the cane. I'm going to be using this as a whirlpool arm. The kettle I'll be using it in is 21" tall. It looks like the racking canes are usually 24" tall, and if the last few inches are bent (making it somewhere around 20" tall bend-to-bend) it should work out just fine.

Assembly Instructions

Parts and tools laid out:


Slit the silicone tubing lengthwise, then install around the stainless tubing.


Install the compression fitting on the end of the racking cane. Using teflon tape, attach the camlock to the compression fitting. Install the beam clamp around the silicone tubing.


Install onto side of kettle: