One of the best things I have done for my home brewery is purchase a grain mill. Prior to purchasing the mill, I would get my grains milled at my local homebrew shop, but this would result in brewhouse efficiencies that were all over the map. After getting the mill, I can consistently get the same efficiency. Another benefit is I can now buy my base grains in bulk, saving up to 50 cents per pound of grain.

Grain should be stored in air tight containers. There are lots of options for this like Vittle Vaults, but I currently use five gallon buckets with Gamma Seal lids. I find that a sack of grain will completely fill two buckets.

You will need a way of weighing your grain. I use this scale. I use this scoop (stored inside one of the buckets of grain) to transfer grain from the storage bucket into the bucket I'm using to weigh the grain.

Stacked Buckets Inside Bucket